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How to Pick the Right Pitbull Breeder

If you’re planning to get a pitbull as a pet one of these days, the first thing you need to acknowledge is that not all breeders out there are honest enough to tell you that their dogs are below breed standards. The truth is there’s really no problem if they’re only honest enough to admit flaws so that you can at least lower your own expectations.

Now before you begin your search for the right breeder, it is very crucial to obtain knowledge and information about the breed standards of a pitbull; because the fact is every dog breed is unique. As soon as you’re done with the research, your next move is to learn about the different types of breeders, the idea of which is to particularly determine or pinpoint where you’re buying your pitbull from.

1 – Professional Breeders

At first impression, you might think that dog breeding is a mere hobby; but in reality, many people make a living out of it – being professional dog breeders. These people are serious about what they do to a point that they spend a lot of money traveling all year long with their dogs for the sake of shows and competition. And as their “professional” title implies, they’re the most sophisticated breeders in the country. This is relatively true for breeders who focus on breeding American bullies. As a matter of fact, you even might be required to sign a contract should you wish to buy a pitbull puppy from them. The idea behind the contract is to determine if you, the new owner, will intend to breed the pitbull puppy, and if so, the same document will say how much involvement the original breeder will have. You therefore have to expect a pricier pitbull puppy coming from a professional breeder simply because they’re a proven breed and are expected to be fully healthy.

2 – Amateur Pitbull Breeders

But if you don’t want to spend top dollar for a pitbull puppy from a professional breeder, your second best bet is to get it from an amateur breeder, who by the way still breeds dogs for shows and competition; but the difference is that their lineage isn’t as strong as that of the professional breeders. The thing with most amateur breeders is that they only have one sire and one dam, which suggests that the same pair will breed repeatedly every year. If you’re really a dog enthusiast, perhaps you’re already aware that when the same pair breeds repeatedly, it increases the possibility of weakening the mother, in return causing some specific types of health problems in the puppies. This tendency happens to all breeds, even American bullies.

3 – Backyard Breeder

Now if you still think you can purchase an American bully for a lower price, then your last option would be to get it from a backyard breeder, or someone who loves to breed dogs but don’t really intend to showcase them or put them in contests. The pups are relatively more affordable because they don’t have papers or the lineage is unclear or are throw-offs.

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