Top 5 tricks to get the maximum discount on flight tickets from Mumbai to goa

For most of us, Goa is a place to run away to, to experience a land that is known for its hippie and all night party culture. It is a destination that is on everybody’s bucket list and we all want to experience all that this place has to offer. It is a tempting offer when someone offers you to go on a vacation with them to Goa. Because how do you say no to all that you know about this vibrant land with beautiful everything.

So you are planning to go to Goa from Mumbai and are weighing your options in terms of how to stick to your budget. You book a pocket friendly hotel which is a little far from the beach, search for all the inexpensive restaurants to have your meals at, book a two-wheeler rather than a car and even decide to take public transport to visit far off places but when it comes to booking your flight tickets, you can’t do anything because they are too expensive. So what do you do? You follow these tricks.

There are many ways in which you can save your hard earned money and book Mumbai to Goa flight tickets at super discounted prices.

  1. Clear those cookies off – Whenever we have to book a flight, our usual activity remains somewhat like this: we enter the details in the search engines and then keep looking at the airfare for weeks and sometimes for months in hope that one day the prices will drop all of a sudden and then we would book our tickets. But what we don’t realize is that what we are dreaming of is not going to happen.

We forget that when we keep looking at the tickets for the same date over and over again, our activity is being tracked and recorded by the airline companies. They know our travel dates and hence we will see a hike in prices with every passing day making us book our tickets finally and with a lot of stress.

Therefore, the next time you want to do the same, make sure you clear all the cookies from web history or simply check the airfare every time in incognito or private mode. This way you will see the actual and not inflated rates of the airline.

  1. Follow those accounts – Social Media is a place that has become our world. It is a noted fact that every day we spend hours and hours on social media watching, following and liking something or the other. Why not do something useful out of it. Example- follow the right pages.

Every airline has its account on some platform or the other. Make sure you follow them as these companies every once in a while put some discounted coupons, last minute offers and sometimes some contests that can win you a free ticket.

  1. Take odd hour flights – All of us usually book our flights that are flying at reasonable hours. Now think about it, everyone around you is also doing the same thing as they too have a mutual feeling towards it. Due to the heavy demand for tickets of these particular hours, the flight fares of ungodly hours are relatively cheaper.

So, make up your mind to book an early morning or late night flight which will be so much easier on your pocket.

  1. Mix your options – We always book both side tickets i.e return tickets while booking our flight, thinking that it will be cheaper as that is what the airlines try to make us believe in. But that is so not true.

Whenever you try to get your tickets done, make sure you pick two different airlines for both your travel journeys. This way you will save that extra buck that was usually not saved earlier.

  1. Fly on weekdays – Flying on a weekend is something that all of us do. Yes, it is convenient and hassle-free. Yes, having a flight immediately after office hours is so not right and exhausting but this is what you should do. Travelling on a weekend will do nothing but cost you some big bucks.

Everybody tries to do the same and because of which you see in increase in fare. If you fly on a weekday, you will see the lesser crowd and an airfare that is so budget friendly.

Following all these above-mentioned tips are going to help you book Mumbai to Goa flight tickets at really attractive rates.